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Introducing LaToya Allen

It's not always easy to find the right developers to join our team, but luckily we finally found LaToya Allen, our newest team member and Ruby developer.

After growing up in Michigan, LaToya moved to Florida and dabbled in real estate before relocating to Chicago, Illinois and realizing she was meant to code. One fateful day her yoga class was cancelled and, needing to kill time, she stumbled upon Codeacademy and started going through their programming tutorials. From there LaToya started going to meet-ups in the city, like those hosted by Chicago Women Developers, and eventually snagged an apprenticeship with 8th Light. After learning as much as she could, LaToya joined the Big Cartel team.

She's hugely active in the Ruby community in Chicago, working with Windy City Rails and ChicagoRuby Hack Night. She's code-obsessed and currently devoting some time to teach herself Rust. Outside of coding, she's busy taking kickboxing classes, running with motivation from her favorite app, Zombies, Run!, and taking drawing classes from a local art center.