Introducing Jonathon Wolfer

Everyone say hello to our newest Big Carteler, Jonathon Wolfer!

Jon joins Big Cartel as the newest designer on our Community team. Expect to see his fingerprints on all sorts of fun projects across our social media, monthly newsletter (sign up already!), this blog you’re reading right now, and so much more. His style feels both modern and vintage (trust us, that’s a thing), and when he gets playing with texture you’re gonna wish his illustrations were real life.

Jon lives on the shore of Lake Michigan which means he gets to bike to the beach whenever he wants (jealous). Living in this area has made him super passionate about the environmental issues the lake faces, but also super passionate about Michael Jordan, who was just on the other side of the lake. In addition to loving the outdoors and basketball, Jon’s a drummer and like any good ’90s kid he loved drawing album covers, skateboard logos, and this a few times over. It’s safe to say 13-year-old Jon is pretty stoked he turned that talent into a career decades later.

We’re pumped Jon has joined our team and can’t wait to see what he creates. That illustration at the top of this page? Yep, he drew it of himself, just for you.

Well, and this blog post.

Stephanie Perry

Marketing at Big Cartel. Equal parts road tripper and deviled egg eater.

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