Introducing Joel Midden

There’s a new Big Cartel-er in town and his name is Joel Midden. You could call him a customer support whiz, but please don’t. He’s just an awesome dude who happens to be well-versed in helping folks figure things out.

Joel grew up in a sleepy town in Ohio, then went across the pond to study sound design in London and Edinburgh. After graduating, he bounced all over the place: from Chicago to Portland to New York City, and finally ending up in Austin, where he now resides. When he wasn’t taking freelance sound gigs, Joel worked in customer support at a few places like Squarespace and Groupon.

As a kid, Joel’s parents had a rule that he and his siblings had to play an instrument (best rule ever, huh?). He plays the guitar, piano, percussion and, I suspect, all the music things. He performs in several bands, including his main project BASTARDGEIST, which evolved from his love for the kalimba. The one thing that Joel likes as much or more than music? Travel. This year he’s visiting Chile with the punk band he’s in, as well as going to Iceland and Japan.

Next time you write into support, you just might hear from Joel. And if you do, send him a dog photo (they’re his favorite).

Vanessa Wardy

Marketing at Big Cartel. Easily amused. Endlessly curious. Likes most things. Heart on sleeve.

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