Introducing Dark Mode for Mobile Devices

Big Cartel now has dark mode - making it easier on your eyes than ever.

Night owls, lovers of things that could be none more black, and people who just like new updates: Rejoice! Apple’s iOS 13 and Android 10 are here and they turn down the lights with a brand new dark mode. You can get this feature right away by updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13, your Android device to Android 10, and your Big Cartel app to the current version in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Oh and Apple users: Your admin at won’t be left out of the party either. If you’re using macOS Mojave (or newer) and you browse the web with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or any other web browser that supports dark mode, we’ll automatically detect and enable dark mode in your Big Cartel admin.

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Rest easy that we’re working hard on bringing even more exciting features to the Big Cartel app you know and love, like the recently released support for Stripe Terminal on iPhone and iPad (stay patient, Android friends, we haven’t forgotten about you), meaning you can swipe and tap your way to faster in-person sales.

Now you can manage products, orders, and discounts in whatever style suits you.

Get Big Cartel for iOS on the App Store, or Big Cartel for Android on the Google Play Store. Don’t have a shop yet? You can create a store from scratch within the app - get set up and start selling!

Andy Newman

Marketing at Big Cartel, writer, and dad of three. ✨

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