Introducing Danyelle Rose

Our support team continues to grow and get better and better, especially with the addition of Danyelle Rose, the newest member of our tight-knit crew.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Danyelle has spent most of her life involved with power tumbling. Over the past 10 years, she’s been practicing and training, as well as teaching and coaching ages 3-18. A seasoned coach, Danyelle is highly skilled at communicating and guiding anyone through a challenge whether it’s pulling a full twist on the floor or setting up a custom domain for an online shop.

Outside of the gym, she previously ran a website for music artists and fans and spent some time writing music and singing with friends. She’s a long-time passionate supporter of artists and relishes sharing other people’s creative energy and space. Basically, Danyelle is a perfect fit for Big Cartel and we’re certainly happy to have her!

Vanessa Wardy

Operations at Big Cartel. Easily amused. Endlessly curious. Likes most things. Heart on sleeve.

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