Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

Introducing Built-in Google Analytics

Today we’re excited to announce something that many of you have been asking for. Google Analytics is now built into your Big Cartel store.

Why is Google Analytics so awesome?

Have you ever wondered how many shoppers from Bulgaria come to your store on a Tuesday morning, using Safari? Where they click? How long they spend? Their favorite color? Ok, maybe not the favorite color, but Google Analytics gathers a huge amount of data from your store, and they give you great ways of sifting through it to see growth, trends, and opportunities.

Wait, couldn’t I already add this myself?

Sure, since Big Cartel offers complete HTML customization, it was always possible to throw the Google Analytics tracking code in there yourself (if you didn’t mind getting your hands dirty). However, not only have we made integration easier, we’ve now added a big important piece that was missing until today - e-commerce tracking. So now it’s possible to get stats on the really good stuff, orders and money!

Sweet! How do I set it up?

We’ve put together a little setup video that will walk you through the simple steps to get Analytics rockin. Soon you’ll be swimming in stats and ready for another sudden traffic spike of Bulgarian Safari users who absolutely love blue.

Check out the full help article at: https://help.bigcartel.com/apps/google-analytics/