Introducing Big Cartel Plan Upgrades

I know we’re all being flooded with messages from brands we forgot existed wanting to assure us that their company has a COVID-19 plan in place. Yes, dELiA*s, I feel so much better knowing you are COVID-19 ready.

Technically I guess that’s what this post is too, but I like thinking of it more as a WTF-is-happening-in-the-world-and-how-can-Big-Cartel-try-to-help-you message. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

In all truthfulness, we do have a plan. I gave the whole company (all 38 of us) last week off so we could stay at home, adjust, cope, hug kids, walk dogs, drink wine, stare at walls, panic, meditate, rinse, and repeat. Meanwhile I and the rest of our leadership team cooked up a plan to come back to work ready to be the helpers that Mr. Rogers told us all to look for in times of distress.

We’ve taken some immediate steps to add value to all of our plans without raising any prices for you. We know that your online shop is more important to your income than ever, and we want you to have more tools at your disposal to make this work. Here’s what we’ve done:

🎁 Our free Gold plan now has access to some features that were formerly for paid plans only:

  • Product Option Groups: This provides multiple drop down menus for products like t-shirts that come in different sizes and different colors.
  • Discount Codes: So you can give your buyers a break too.
  • Shipment Tracking: This will help you manage orders coming in, while keeping your customers informed.

🎁 Our $9.99/mo Platinum plan now has access to Product Option Groups for multiple drop down menus, and we’ve raised the product limit from 25 to 50.

🎁 On our $19.99/mo Diamond plan we’ve raised the product limit from 100 to 250.

Our intent here is to give everyone the best tools, including those stores who aren’t paying us anything (seriously Gold plans are free y’all). For the stores already paying us, we wanted to offer higher product limits ASAP because we know that for some of you having more inventory online means you’ll have more opportunities to make sales.

There’s more coming down the pipeline too! We’re announcing another big endeavor on Monday to offer additional help through this scary and uncertain time. Our team is currently at work to quickly release some new features that we think will help you make it through pandemic-life, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted as we make those new tools available to you. Thanks for using Big Cartel. We’re gonna get through this together. ❤️

Anna Brozek

CEO of Big Cartel, previously Marketing, Customer Support, and Operations. Started from the bottom now I’m here. ✌️

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