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Introducing Apple Pay for Your Online Shop

Great news, folks - your customers can now use Apple Pay in your Big Cartel shop! With Apple Pay, checking out is quicker and more convenient than ever, especially on mobile, where the majority of Big Cartel orders are coming from these days (whoa!).

Wait, how does Apple Pay even work?

You may be familiar with Apple Pay as a way to buy things in person or retail stores, by tapping your iPhone against a reader (like our Square integration for example), but with the latest releases of iOS and macOS, Apple has brought the speed and security of Apple Pay to the web on Safari.

Apple Pay on Big Cartel

Cool, how do I enable Apple Pay in my shop?

Apple Pay works with Stripe, so if you’ve already enabled Stripe for your shop, you’re good to go! If not, once you connect to Stripe, Apple Pay will automatically show up for folks who can use it, and new orders will look just like normal credit card orders in your admin. Learn more here.

Apple Pay on Big Cartel

Just in time for the holidays!

We’re doing everything we can to get you and your store ready for the busy holiday shopping season. Be sure to follow our blog for tips and inspiration, plus awesome new features like this one!