Tired hands, quiet minds. By Big Cartel.

Introducing an Updated Help Site

Our support team spent months rewriting articles, adding guides, and making sure that the Help Site gets your questions answered quickly and clearly so you can get back to your craft.


Your beautiful shop will be ready in record time, thanks to a redesigned Help Site that is easier to use and more valuable than ever.

**What’s new: **

  • Easier to navigate: We put our heads together, rearranged some things, and broke down everything into categories that make a bit more sense.
  • Searchable: Now when you use the Search bar, you’ll find results from the Basics (the tips, tricks and FAQs that help you open up shop) and Guides (in-depth advice to help your business grow)  so you’ll be able to quickly see the most useful information.
  • Help for Developers: A new section of the site is devoted to theme designers and app builders, so that they can help create useful tools for Big Cartel shop owners.

What stays the same:

We still have some of the best support folks around, ready to answer questions via email or Twitter. We’ll also keep adding answers and guides so that you can spend less time in your store admin, and more time on the fun stuff.