Introducing Alexandria Shrader

To keep up with our growing community and continue offering the best support to our shops, we’ve added Alexandria Shrader to our talented support team.

Alex’s longtime fascination with virtual worlds led her to study animation in college. During that time she was running a shop on SecondLife selling basic 3D models and texture uploads, thus beginning her first adventure into the world of customer support. She and her then business partner realized their customers often had questions or needed help, so they slowly began developing and implementing their own systems to handle these inquiries.

After a couple years cutting her teeth with her own business and living in a few different cities, Alex spent some time working at Eventbrite, and did some driving for Uber and Lyft. More recently, she and her husband, along with their two fluffy pups, relocated to Austin, Texas where they’re settling down for now. When she’s not busy helping our customers with their shops, you can find Alex chilling at home with her little family, exploring the delicious food options in her new city, or dabbling in a number of creative endeavors, anything from building tables to carving.

Join us in welcoming Alex to the Big Cartel crew. And if you ever have questions about your shop, she and the rest of the support team are ready to help.

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