Inside Out: Making Movies With Dualist

We make tools for artists because we’re artists ourselves, so side projects are especially important at Big Cartel. Inside Out features projects that feed our creative appetites outside of work.

Matt Wigham started Big Cartel as a side-project along with co-founder Eric Turner back in 2005 and it’s been growing ever since. As the CEO, Matt sets the vision for the future of Big Cartel with the rest of our leadership team. A longtime film-lover, Matt’s been drawn to the process of making movies for years and has finally found an outlet for this passion with his newest side project.

Can you tell us about this new project of yours?

I just launched a tiny new film company called Dualist. I teamed up with a filmmaker friend of mine, Kenny Riches, and our plan is to finance and produce micro-budget indie films.

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Big Cartel is obviously my baby, but I have such an obsession with movies that I’ve been trying for years to get involved somehow. It’s exciting to finally have a couple films in the works!

Where can we see more about Dualist?

Our new website at is the best place to learn more, and you can follow along at @dualistfilms on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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What’s your favorite thing about this new venture?

I can’t pick one so here are my top three. Hah!

  1. I get to contribute to something that I’ve personally taken so much from in my life. For me, film is our most powerful art form, so I love that I have a way to help create more of it.
  2. I get to work with artists. This is my favorite thing about Big Cartel as well, and Dualist gives me a new and exciting direct line into that creative process.
  3. It’s the perfect side project (something we love here at Big Cartel). I have an excuse now for watching so many movies, reading scripts, and going to film festivals. It’s for work!

What’s one thing you want people to know about Dualist?

I think most people don’t know much about how movies are made, and the different budget levels. Of course, everyone hears about the big studio blockbuster movies, but there’s a whole spectrum of projects at different levels, with each level having its own trade-offs and compromises.

With Dualist, we’re focusing on micro-budget films, meaning probably a smaller amount of money than the catering alone on a big movie. This obviously presents challenges in getting great talent, locations, and equipment, but it also gives us complete creative freedom to make the movies we want to make, without it being watered down for the mainstream.

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So I guess the answer is I wish people knew more about these smaller, more personal, more divisive films. People complain about all the Hollywood remakes and super hero sequels, but then they still pay money to see them. That’s fine, some of those films are great, but in my opinion, the most important films being made are the indies, and they need your support too.

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