Hot Shops We’re Loving: Unplugged Edition

This roundup features the shops with the pops, the goods that could, the vendors with the most splendor, and the stores with just that little bit more.

This special Unplugged edition features Big Cartel shop owners who make their goods by hand.

Knotwork LA


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Artist Linda Hsiao’s goods are as useful as they are beautiful, and you can see her passion for nature in her designs. Get to know Knotwork LA a bit more in our interview.

Gonzalez Handmade


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Gonzalez Handmade’s shop is full of beautifully crafted items that you’ll carry with you everyday. And all of these leather goods are made by one man, deep in the heart of Texas.

The Drifter Leather


Shop / Instagram

What we love: The crew at The Drifter Leather are changing the way we think about shoes. This family of creators and cobblers makes handcrafted, minimal shoes so your feet can bend. They come custom-fit and made with sustainable materials, so you can feel good about your purchase right down to your soles.

AllieLou Handmade


Shop / Facebook

What we love: These children’s clothes are comfortable and classic, often incorporating vintage trims and other interesting details. They sell quick, too, so they’ve created an engaged following on Facebook so fans can get a heads-up when new items go up in their shop.

Greg Klassen


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Inspired by aerial views of rivers, Greg Klassen’s series of River Tables are a modern and polished way to bring the natural beauty and variation of live wood edge into your home. These pieces are an investment, but a table like this is a real showstopper, and clearly requires a high level of creativity and craftsmanship shown off with sharp photography.

MOSS Handmade


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Diana Schreiber was taught by her grandmother how to crochet, and now she brings those skills to her jewelry making. MOSS Handmade combines delicate thread and the strong lines of metalwork to create something that feels totally unique.

Luna + Quartz


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Even a skeptic will enjoy the crystal-infused scents of Luna + Quartz’s soaks, soaps, and salves. These small batch goods have “self-care” written all over them, shown off with their rich photography, detailed descriptions, and interesting product names.

Skratch Ceramics


Shop / Instagram

What we love: The imagery in Skratch Ceramics is rooted in the folk art of creator Kate Russell’s home of South Wales. Each piece has a slightly different character and shape, the sort of organic variation that you only get when pieces are made by hand, one-by-one.

Native Line


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Justine Ashbee uses time-honored techniques to create her weavings, but their geometric designs and metallic threads make them feel fresh, unique, and ethereal. Consider them wish-listed.

Pockets Full Of Sawdust Wood Shop


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Samuel Acford knows how to make wood grain shine. Many of his pieces use burl: the sort of wood with the most curls and knots, which makes for some fascinating and one-of-a-kind pieces. The products in Pockets Full of Sawdust’s shop strike the perfect balance between beauty and utility.

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