Hot Shops We’re Loving: The Green Vase, Owen Davey, and More

This roundup features the shops with the pops, the goods that could, the vendors with the most splendor, and the stores with just that little bit more.

The Green Vase

Bougainvilla 0005

Shop / Instagram

What we love: Livia Cetti of The Green Vase creates stylish tissue and crepe-paper flowers that look so great they’re often mistaken for real flowers. The shop features a range of blooms, imaginitatively showcased with vibrant product images. We’re not the only ones to have been bowled over by the Green Vase. Amy Sedaris, Domino Magazine, and New York Magazine have featured her work, all beautifully compiled on her site.

Blind Chic.


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Cycling from Ljubljana to Budapest, a Hungarian and a Slovenian designer met on a road trip and teamed up to create Blind Chic. Bonding over the their passion for cycling, handmade products, and independent businesses, they’ve created a sharp line of products made with purpose. Long may they ride.

Owen Davey


Shop / Instagram

What we love: Owen Davey is an award-winning illustrator based in Leicester, UK. You may recognize his work from the hit apps TwoDots and The Robot Factory, or maybe one of his gorgeously illustrated books caught your eye. His Big Cartel shop includes a great selection of prints featuring his inimitable illustrations.

Rat Bag Studios

product image-3

Shop / Instagram

What we love: Cermamist Larissa Warren designs and creates her distinctive artwork from her home studio, located in a renovated fisherman’s hut on the Gold Coast, Australia. She incorporates traditional Japanese neriage (pattern) techniques and her approach of combining translucent porcelain, color, and mixed textured clay leads to one-of-a-kind surfaces.

Lloyd Stratton

product image-2

Shop / Instagram

What we love: Hailing from Brighton, England, illustator and designer Lloyd Stratton creates supremely detailed artwork, often using black ink and one or two bold pops of color. We love how he pairs a classic, intricate style of illustration with a modern design sensibility. Lloyd has perfected the art of giving his customers something timeless, today.

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