Hot Shops We’re Loving: Lockhart Glassworks, Lindsay Stripling, and More

This roundup features the shops with the pops, the goods that could, the vendors with the most splendor, and the stores with just that little bit more.

Lockhart Glass

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What we love: Nicole from Lockhart Glass draws and makes stained glass art by hand in her home state of Florida. Her thoughtful and sincere captions on her Instagram posts are endearing, and really show off her appreciation and empathy for her audience.

Matter Matters

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What we love: Matter Matters states their brand promise as “Youthful, Playful, Creativity” and boy do they keep that promise. Based in Hong Kong via London, creator Flora Leung skillfully incorporates her influences into a cohesive line of lifestyle goods. We love their strong sense of identity and how they use it to shape their products and present them to the world.


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What we love: CLAWKEEPER, out of Columbus, Ohio, is an accessory brand specializing in handmade, limited-edition leather goods. The CLAW, as he calls himself, is self-taught in leathercraft and production, and he finds inspiration from the worlds of motorcycling, skateboarding, music, and international travel.

Lindsay Stripling


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What we love: Familiar yet otherworldly, San Francisco-based artist Lindsay Stripling creates dreamlike art that recalls folk and fairy tales from childhood. Her work has graced installations, gallery shows, prints, and zines. Her shop features original work including prints, zines, and even online painting classes.

Boom Boom

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What we love: These products ooze with personality, color, and energy. Hailing from Bordeaux, France, Boom Boom creates and sells a wide range of home products, apparel, jewelry, prints, and more. Each product comes to life with sharp photography, making it easy to imagine how each item might just be the missing piece to your outfit or home.

Jamie Squire


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What we love: Jamie Squire is an illustrator and comic maker from Glasgow, Scotland. Her work spans commissioned illustrations, comics, and prints, with her colorful, detailed style often touching on themes of mental health. We love the empathy in her work and her willingness to explore and raise awareness around an important issue.

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