Hot Shops We’re Loving: Kolor, Robbie Porter, and More

This roundup features the shops with the pops, the goods that could, the vendors with the most splendor, and the stores with just that little bit more.


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What we love: To be honest, these products fall into the “inconceivable-future-magic” category for us. Oskitone makes DIY synthesizers and other “noisey machines.” They offer kits so you can build your own at home (you can even 3D print some parts yourself), and finished machines designed and 3D-printed in San Francisco. We have so many questions.

Oak City Cycling

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What we love: Let’s face it, biking gear can be real dorky. But, if you use your bike regularly, it’s nice to have some accessories and clothes that, as The Dude says, really tie the room together. Enter Oak City cycling. We love their shirts, water bottles, and accessories, all nicely photographed to showcase their colors and patterns. The Dude abides.


kolor-z shelf-z regal-all-colors-01qu

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What we love: Self-described “COLOR REBELS,” this Berlin design studio creates irresistably bright products for work and home. Often using a light gray base, Kolor’s use of accent colors that pop transform everyday items into uniquely beautiful pieces. WE ARE KOLOR FANS.

Robbie Porter


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What we love: From daydreams to bedtime, Robbie Porter’s shop has a little bit of everything to spark your imagination. The quality and consistency of his products and images make his shop a treat to browse. We’re not sure about you, but we’ll be picking up a pin or a print for a loved one (self included) from this award-winning illustrator in London.

Pinroll Press


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What we love: Just when we think we can’t discover anymore adorable pins, we go and find Pinroll Press. “Three friends looking for an excuse to create some happy in the world” started this company in Chicago - who can’t get behind that? We’re particularly fond of their Jorts and Softie Marker pins.

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