Hot Shops We’re Loving: Christian Siriano, Hieb Magazine, and More

This roundup features the shops with the pops, the goods that could, the vendors with the most splendor, and the stores with just that little bit more.

Christian Siriano


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What we love: This sounds really corny, but we are honored and excited every single time someone decides to open a Big Cartel store and we get to play a small part in their project. It’s totally bananas and exciting when a Big Cartel shop houses the work of Christian Siriano. At last Sunday’s Academy Awards, Christian strained the internet with the response to his jaw-dropping “Tuxedo Gown” for Billy Porter. His store has a bunch of amazing one-of-a-kind outfits, accessories, and sketches.

Roberts Rūrāns


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What we love: Roberts Rūrāns is a freelance illustrator based in Riga, Latvia. His style is bold, colorful, and inviting. In addition to being a skilled illustrator, he has some major animation chops. Most recently, he was enlisted by the National Library of Latvia to create animated pieces for their National Encyclopedia. How rad is that?! Even more rad are the poppin’ prints he has in his shop.



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What we love: Atakontu are an independent apparel brand based in Bilbao, Spain. They stock a mix of easy to sport sweatshirts, tees, beanies, and jackets. But, what really makes their gear standout is the detailed, colorful illustrations that accent every piece. From dinosaurs, cobras, and flamingos, to rainbow showers and roses, Atakontu have figured out how to transcend the everyday(wear).

Daniel Michalik


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What we love: Daniel Michalik runs an amazing studio in New York City focused on trasnforming overlooked materials to create exceptional objects. Most recently, he’s been focused on cork. Daniel is successfully transforming the thing that stands between us and future wine into an incredible array of furniture and home goods.

HIEB Magazine

Product HIEB2

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What we love: Well, we love a good magazine. HIEB is an independent print magazine from Vienna, Austria that “indulges in the entertaining complexity of the contemporary metropolis.” Go on…. “HIEB explores the status quo and richness of urban life worldwide from an insider’s perspective, covering an eclectic mix of international topics.” If you need me, I’ll be with my HIEB.

Siena Milia

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What we love: Siena Milia is textile artist from Salt Lake City, UT. In her words, her craft is “making dolls for little hands and BIG imaginations.” Building on the long tradition of doll-making, her modern design and aesthetic is an expression on a desire to promote mindfulness and simplicity in early learning and play. In addition to her art, Siena is a published poet and short story author and is currently working on her first full-length novel, a piece of literary historical fiction set in 1979 Revolutionary Iran.

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Richard Laing

Product Director at Big Cartel. Music loving, soccer playing Dad living in Seattle, WA.

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