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Five Artists Doing Twitter Right

Getting started on Twitter can be intimidating, but we found five shop owners who make it look easy.

What we love about these artists is each person’s personality shines through, and they show there’s no single right way to post updates. They’ve figured out a schedule and mix of content that works for them. Let them inspire you to use Twitter in a way that feels right and stays fun.

Arturo Torres

Twitter / Shop

Why it works: Follow Arturo Torres and you’ll quickly feel like you are getting updates from a close friend. Arturo writes so naturally about what’s on his mind so when he mentions something about a new product, it doesn’t feel like a hard sell. We love his illustrated profile images, witty replies, and real talk.


Twitter / Shop

Why it works: It’s not easy to gain 17,000 followers in a few short years, but GAMETEE, run by two sisters in the heart of England, has done just that. They sell a range of video game merchandise and do an excellent job showcasing their brand and connecting with customers on Twitter. They often share product shots, drop discount codes, and retweet friends and fans. Their Tweets feel varied, balanced, and consistent, giving followers a reason to stay engaged.

Teagan White

Twitter / Shop

Why it works: One look at Teagan White’s Twitter and you’ll know what she’s passionate about - illustration, animals, and the natural world. Her feed is speckled with process shots, updates about events and gallery shows, product launches, and personal insights on her love of nature. She sticks mostly to posting her own images, so her Tweets feel more curated than usual, but it works perfectly for her.

Adam J. Kurtz

Twitter / Shop

Why it works: Pay no attention to the fact that his Twitter bio openly states “this is not a good twitter i am sorry” - he’s just being the wonderful and sardonic smart-ass we know and love. When it comes to Twitter (and social media in general), Adam’s doing it right. He shares what he loves, connects with friends, and supports fellow makers, all the while showing off what he’s working on from his shop to his books. Following him gives a perfect glimpse into his world and what sets him apart from the sea of other folks online.

Lizzy Stewart

Twitter / Shop

Why it works: Lizzy’s sharp wit and self-depricating observations provide a seemingly endless series of reasons to follow her. She posts less frequently than some (sometimes she’s quiet for a few days between Tweets), but like that smart, softspoken friend, when Lizzy speaks it’s worth the wait.