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Expert Tips: Photo Styling 101

Our latest Store From Scratch video about shooting product isn’t just a sneak peek inside of our process. We really can’t stress enough how important strong photography is to the success of your shop.

So, we invited Shauna and Maddy of The Style Lab, an in-depth photo styling e-course, to share a few photo styling tips to help get your online shop in Pin-worthy, Instagram-able condition. Knowing full well you can’t get styled perfection with just one blog post, we’ve got a small series of expert tips from these ladies coming your way.

Light it Up

Whether you’re selling wooden bowls, illustrated posters, kids toys, or clothing - natural light will go a long way toward making your products look their best. Artificial light can taint your pictures and cause color contamination that actually makes your image less appealing. Save yourself the time and effort of having to heavily retouch images to restore their true-to-life beauty.

Beautiful, natural lighting makes these products look heavenly.

Back it Up

Once you’ve found the best light to shine on your item, consider what’s behind it as well. It’s easy to get in a background rut. Try experimenting with various materials like wood, marble, and cloth to create different moods in your images. As long as the background doesn’t compete with your product, it can be an invaluable addition that helps your photo tell a story.

A blue backdrop makes these rainbow cupcake toppers appear to float in the sky.

White walls peak out behind this bright knotted project.

Prop it Up

A great product is key to having a successful shop, but on its own, it can make for a lonely subject. Consider including supporting items to your images that help tell a story about your product. Choosing the right props in the right amounts can be tricky, but once you’ve fine-tuned what works for your shop, you’re on your way to truly dynamic photo compositions.

Fun props, like the custom confetti with this flatware or the painted deer with these coasters, can make great additions to your product shot.

Hopefully these basic tips make the hurdle of styling your images a little easier to overcome. For one-on-one, in-depth styling tutelage, check out The Style Lab’s course dates and register for an upcoming class.