Easy Ways to Refresh Your Shop

Whether your shop has just opened up, or if you’ve had it for years, now’s a great time to look it over and consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Refreshing your shop for the year ahead doesn’t have to be as complicated as setting up a whole new theme and going for a whole new look (though if you’re feeling adventurous then why not go for it!).

It can be as simple as taking a bit of extra time before things pick up to do a bit of fine tuning. For 2020, why not let yourself be inspired with ways to set yourself up for success with these three easy tips.

Marie Kondo Your Routine

This doesn’t have to mean putting anything in the donate pile. It can be as easy as taking a look at your day-to-day business structure and seeing what’s been working out well for you and what could use some improvements.

Maybe shipping orders turned out to be overwhelming over the last few months (hopefully a good problem to have!) or sharing that link turned out to be more of a mouthful than expected. Take some time to look at how aspects of your business ran in the last year and explore what ways you can make things run more smoothly in the year ahead. It’s a great time to look into some shipping and fulfillment integrations for your Big Cartel shop to make things easier on you. Or even look into setting up a sleek new custom domain (just be sure to update any external links you’ve shared if that’s the case)!

Review and Reassess Your Inventory

Take a look at all of the products in your shop and start asking yourself - which didn’t quite perform the way you hoped? Looking at low numbers, especially for products you may have been excited for, can be a real bummer. But don’t worry! There’s a whole lot that can be done to give them an extra attention boost.

Try starting with giving your featured products a makeover and giving the ones that maybe didn’t perform as well a chance to shine in your shop’s spotlight. If you’re on one of our paid plans, you can also set up a nice discount on those slower-moving products to help encourage your shoppers to click “Buy!”

Also, be sure to look over your inventory. Part of running a successful shop is projecting what’s going to be popular in the year ahead, so taking a look at what’s running low can give you some time to make or order new products to be ready for any rushes this new year might provide.

Get Your Shop (and Customers) Up to Date

Look over your product descriptions and make sure they’re all up to date. Maybe you’ve changed the process of making them or updated your technique. Making sure that everything reflects the current standards of your products is a great way to start the year off right.

If you made any changes to your shop’s policies for the holidays and want to edit those for the year ahead, now’s also a great time to do it. You can also take the time to add an About page, if you don’t already have one, where you can share a little bit about yourself and let your customers know why you do what you do, your artistic process, and why you love your craft.

Think of it as giving them a special behind-the-scenes look. This can help to brew up some excitement and cultivate a relationship with your customers. If connecting with your customers is also a priority, setting up a newsletter is a great way to stay in touch and keep them updated on any changes on the horizon.

It doesn’t hurt to start simple - even the smallest changes can make for an easier run for your year ahead!

Good luck this year and remember - our Support team is always here to lend a hand or answer any questions you might have. Reach out anytime at support@bigcartel.com.

Mildred Louis

Support at Big Cartel. Cat Mom. Pencil Pusher. Never ending To-Do list keeper.

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