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Craft Lake City

Big Cartel has the amazing honor this year of being a part of the 3rd annual Craft Lake City, a free festival taking over downtown Salt Lake City on August 13th. The festival will feature nearly 200 artists, all with their own unique line of products to sell.

We’ll be there as well, admonishing artists to “Seek Your Fortune” - a concept which speaks to the idea that, for an artist, success is literally in your hands. Artists have the unqiue ability to create something out of nothing. Combine that skill with a dash of drive, a sprinkle of focus and a lot of hard work and all signs point to a bright, fortunate future for your brand.

We’ll have some nifty, new Big Cartel merch available, hand out a few free stores and be there to help artists set up a slick webstore to get their work out to the hungry masses, searching for independently made goods.