Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

Craft Lake City Recap

After a week to reflect, we’re still buzzing with excitement from our experience at the 3rd annual Craft Lake City arts festival.

We were able to chat with dozens of inspiring artists from both ends of the spectrum, those preparing to leap into this selling business full-time, and those who are just getting their feet wet.

We heard some amazing ideas on ways to continue to improve Big Cartel and sponsored a couple artists (features coming soon) whose work we couldn’t help but admire. At the end of a long day on our feet, we felt so honored to be part of such a strong community.

Our message to artists at the festival was centered around the idea that the hands of an artist contain the secrets to their success. We took the idea of palm reading and used it to design a concept to motivate artists to continue to use their gifted hands to make amazing products.

  1. Line of Hard Work: The most important line in the D.I.Y. artists’ palm, it creases the center of the hand, promoting success.
  2. Line of Promotion: Secondary to hard work, promotion pulls energy from the other lines to creatively tell the story of your brand.
  3. Line of Creativity: The sacred spark of inspiration lights this line like a fuse. Follow it closely, it points toward priceless ideas.
  4. Line of Hustle: The hustle line never fades or cracks. Always a reminder to never sleep and keep reaching for success.

A big thanks to all the artists and fans who support independent brands, we’re already looking forward to next year.