New! Collect Tax for Multiple Countries

For the shop owners who ship to Canada, the EU, the UK, and beyond: you’re gonna dig our new tax tool! Now any Big Cartel store can set their own per-country tax rates and collect taxes on each and every sale. Keep your bookkeeping easy and your costs covered.

How it works

We’re putting the shop owner in the driver’s seat (right where they belong, if you ask us) and in full control of when and how they collect tax:

  • Set tax rates for as many countries as you like
  • Set specific tax rates for provinces in Canada
  • Choose whether tax is calculated for the entire order total (including shipping) or for the product total only (excluding shipping)

Note: Due to some complicated U.S. tax laws, collecting U.S. & Puerto Rican sales tax works a little bit differently. Stores with their currency set to USD have their U.S. & Puerto Rican sales tax automatically calculated, collected, and remitted by Big Cartel. Stores set to any other currency will not collect U.S. sales tax.

Behind the scenes

As always, it’s your store and ultimately your responsibility to make sure that appropriate taxes are paid and you’re following the rules for running a business. This new tool is flexible, which means you can customize your tax practices as they make sense.

  • Set the tax rate to any percentage. You know best what you need to collect, and you won’t need to wait for any update from us to adjust if a region’s tax practices change.
  • Collect tax for your customers’ countries, and don’t worry about countries outside of your shipping zones. Best practice may be to match your manual taxes with the list of countries you’ve set shipping rates for.
  • Pay taxes to the appropriate organizations on your own schedule. We’re helping you collect what you need, but we don’t pay them to each country’s government on your behalf. So remit your taxes in the way that makes sense. You manage your books and pay taxes in your own way. It’s good to be the boss.

Add a tax rate form field

Set your rates

Ready to collect tax? Log in to your store admin on a browser (any device should be fine, but this feature isn’t visible in our Android and iOS apps just yet), then head to the Account page of and scroll down to see the Taxes area. Here you can add or edit tax rates. Easy!

If you have any questions or feedback along the way, our help site has you covered.

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