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We’re always on the lookout for new features and integrations for your Big Cartel shop. We hear requests from time-to-time for additional payment processors like Klarna and AfterPay, new players who offer additional ways to complete a purchase. While it’s possible that our offerings will change or expand in the future, we’re confident that the options we offer now are strong enough to handle most of your needs.

You’re not sure which option to choose

We love that these days there are payment processors that work for everyone regardless of location or special requirements. Competition makes these companies work harder for their customers, but with so many options, your head can start to spin. For this reason, Big Cartel has kept the list short so that shop owners only have to chose between two of the most powerful and trusted names in the game.

In one corner, there’s PayPal: a worldwide payment processor that’s been around since weird dads started selling cool old stuff on eBay. For shoppers that have a PayPal account, it’s quick and secure. For shoppers who don’t have an account, they can pay with a credit card.

In another corner, there’s Stripe: a credit card processor that blends in seamlessly with your shop’s checkout page and easily whisks shoppers to a confirmed order.

In a third corner (where are we?), there’s the option to have both payment processors available in your shop. If you’re not sure which option your customers will prefer, why not try them both out?

Your shoppers want to pay later

Give PayPal a try, they recently added a Pay Later feature! Customers will see two directions they can go: PayPal or Pay Later. Tap that second option and they’ll have two choices: PayPal Credit and Pay in 4. Credit gives customers six months with no interest to pay for their purchase. With Pay in 4, you guessed it: their purchase is divided into four installments. Both of these options are subject to approval by PayPal, which happens in just a few moments after making a selection.

You want to offer Apple Pay

Stripe has your back! When you switch on Stripe, Apple Pay is automatically presented as an option to any shoppers who have Apple Pay on their device. If a customer hasn’t set up Apple Pay, they’ll see Stripe’s standard clean and simple credit card info field. Either way, it’s easy peasy.

It’s tempting to feel like a new perfect payment processor is the only thing standing between you and more orders. But the biggest thing that will sell those potential customers is your one of a kind products. Don’t let choosing a payment processor be the stumbling block that keeps you from moving forward with your shop. Pick an option (or both), check to make sure everything’s working right, and then get back to making amazing things.

Sarah Anderson

Marketing at Big Cartel. Loud talker, maker at City of Industry. Semi-professional aunt. Pretty psyched about all of it.

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