Celebrating 14 Years of Big Cartel

Break out the cake and ice cream because today, Big Cartel turns 14 years old! 🎈

That’s 14 years of helping artists and small business owners set up shop on the world wide web. 14 years of providing the tools and support you need so you can quickly get back to painting, sewing, and throwing clay. And 14 years of remote pizza parties.

We’re so grateful to all of you who have stuck with us, and to those of you who signed up today. We have so many good things in store; we’re stoked for what the next 14 years will bring.

For most of us, 14 (in human years) was full of emotions and figuring out who you are. We were drawing alone in our bedrooms, listening to Nirvana and Notorious B.I.G. through headphones because our parents just didn’t GET it, and aching for the days when we’ll no longer answer to anyone.

But 14 was also kinda fun, wasn’t it? Memorizing all the words to “One Week” (🎶 It’s been…) and learning how to dance like NSYNC and Destiny’s Child. Perhaps you were secretly listening to the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack, hoping someone would find out and realize how cool you were. Or maybe you tricked the DJ at a dance into playing Type O Negative…

Whatever you were doing, it had some impact on who you are today. So pat your 14 year old self on the back and tell them they’re doing just fine. Then allow us to take you on a little trip back in time with this playlist of our favorite songs from when we were 14. While it was tempting to fill the whole thing with Mariah Carey and Beyoncé, we refrained, and created a pretty eclectic mix.

Go grab yourself a slice 🍕 and a soda at the mall, and enjoy these songs until your mom comes to pick you up. After all, your Earth Science presentation is due on Monday and you still have tons of work to do.

Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

Stephanie Perry

Marketing at Big Cartel. Equal parts road tripper and deviled egg eater.

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