Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

Big Cartel + Zapier

Sometimes it seems that as soon as you get one thing done with your shop, there are three more tasks that you need to complete.

You finally list a new product, then head over to Facebook and Twitter to let your fans know about it. Or you receive a new order, and while you’re packing it up, you realize that this customer might want to subscribe to your newsletter.

Our new integration with Zapier allows you to connect your Big Cartel shop to over 500 apps, taking care of those tasks in the background and shortening your to-do list so you can get back to the important stuff. When you add a new product or receive a new order in your shop, Zapier automatically performs an action on a separate service - like adding new customers to your newsletter, posting new products on social media, importing new order details to your accounting software, and much more.

We’ve created a set of pre-configured Zaps to get you started, so within minutes you can have new customers automatically added to MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, effortlessly post new products to Facebook or Twitter, and create sales receipts for new orders in your Quickbooks Online account without lifting a finger. Or once you’re ready to branch out, you can use Zapier’s editor to create your own Zaps and automate countless tasks with other apps.

Sounds pretty handy, right? If you’d like to learn more, check out Zapier on our Apps page. Or if you’re ready to try it out, go ahead and sign up now.