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Big Cartel Turns 7

7 years old! Wow. A lot has changed since the early days with just our two founders bouncing ideas back and forth in a small room in Salt Lake City. We’ve grown to a team of 17 located all around the US, making Big Cartel run from day to day. Our servers have a new home, AND we’re now home to over 250,000 stores.

But what hasn’t changed, is what we do, and why we do it. We haven’t lost sight of helping artists make money doing what they love, and that ain’t half bad for 7 years in.

Our special gift to ourselves is a nod to all of the much-admired detail work that has gone into the products and stores and brands of the last 7 years. We put together this little video birthday present to commemorate it all, and next time we’ll remember the cake, we promise.