Big Cartel Takes a Holiday Break

Everyone deserves a break.

Unfortunately, in a world with next-day shipping (psst! that’s not really free), not enough people get to take time away from work to recharge and reflect. Although we’re considered a small company in an industry where our competitors have thousands of employees, it’s important for us to set a good example every chance we get.

This holiday season, we’re going to do just that by giving the entire company time off to end the year.

At Big Cartel, a company where the overwhelming majority of our employees work far away from our HQ in Salt Lake City, how we collaborate is of the utmost importance to us. Working remotely informs everything we do from how we schedule meetings to the time we take away from work.

And when half of your team lives in a different time zone, you might think it’d be easy to ignore the lines of work-life balance. But we don’t. And sometimes the best thing we can do to facilitate better work is the exact opposite of what you might think: take time off.

The importance of work-life balance is reinforced by our new six-week sabbatical, a well-deserved break after you’ve worked here for five years. This year, our CEO Anna Brozek took her own six-week work break and wrote about the positive effects both before and after her time away.

By giving the entire company time off to end the year, we’re making it clear: It’s important to unwind, enjoy the company of loved ones, and come back re-energized for the start of a new year.

If you can, try working in a break (or mini-breaks) into your routine. Don’t stress if you can’t manage a whole week or even a day, grab anywhere from five minutes to two hours (work with what ya’ve got!) this December to:

  • Listen to chill music
  • Watch your favorite movie
  • Have a good conversation with a friend
  • Get a massage
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a nap
  • Go for a walk
  • Read a few pages of your favorite book
  • Eat a cookie

You’ve just survived the most breathlessly busy time of year for retail, after working hard to build a business from the bottom up. It’s a big accomplishment, and you should give yourself the space to appreciate how far you’ve come.

One last housekeeping note: We want everyone in the company to be refreshed by this break, and that includes our Support team. A few folks have generously stepped up to keep an eye on things in case you need urgent help, and we’ll be back in full force in January. In the meantime, support will be limited starting December 21st through January 1st.

See you in 2020!

Andy Newman

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