Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

Big Cartel's 500,000th Shop!

We’re blown away that, less than 2 years after we reached 250,000 stores, Big Cartel is now home to over 500,000 artists, makers, designers, curators, builders, technology nerds, and independent business owners.

As part of this army of hard-working individuals, you spend your time (and maybe even a little sweat and/or tears) creating unique handmade goods for the masses. Thanks for believing in Big Cartel and entrusting us to help you sell your goods. We certainly believe in you.

Meet Big Cartel’s 500,000th store: Left for Wolves is a Melbourne, Australia-based metalcore band, and has been making music since 2009. First a solo project by vocalist Regan, it took years of planning, relocating, and looking for the right musicians until, in March 2011, Left for Wolves became the 5-person band it is today.

Being in a band that’s working to pay the bills while building a name for yourself means that each member wears many hats. Regan, vocals, is the primary song writer, and takes care of booking shows. Chris, guitar, designs album artwork and a few of the t-shirts that the band sells online. Steve, drums, makes his car an impromptu tour bus when the band goes on the road.

Left for Wolves is a group of musicians that thoroughly embraces and exemplifies the DIY ethos so near and dear to our world. We’re proud to be supporting the same kind of independent bands that our founders first envisioned when they created Big Cartel. Let’s all raise our glasses to Left for Wolves’ hard-earned success and to many more artists like them finding a home at Big Cartel.

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