Go get 'em. By Big Cartel.

Beefed Up Admin Security

We just added a few new security enhancements to Big Cartel. The entire admin area, including the login page, is now protected with top-notch, industry standard SSL encryption on all stores.

This encryption protects your password which is sent during sign-in, as well as the browser cookies we use to allow you to remain logged in once you do.

What this means for your store

The only change you may notice, (if you’re used to logging into your store admin using your custom shop domain name) is that we’ll automatically redirect you to the secure version (ex: https:// myshop.bigcartel.com). You will not be able to use the admin area with your custom domain, though it will continue to function normally for your storefront. Other than that, everything will work the exact same, and you’ll get our new SSL protection automatically.

Peace of mind

For those of you previously worried about logging into your store admin on public WIFI networks, don’t sweat it. You can now securely manage your store with complete confidence no matter where you are.

As always, if you have any trouble with or questions about these new features, hit us up: help.bigcartel.com