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A Guide to Seamless Checkout

By now, you’ve heard about our shiny new Seamless Checkout updates, right? Don’t worry, if you missed the big news, you can check out out just a few posts down. Read it here.

You might be thinking about setting up Seamless Checkout, but you may have some questions. Or maybe you’ve set up Seamless Checkout, but have run into a stumbling block. We’re here to help with answers and handy links.

What is Seamless Checkout?

We’ve got all the details for you right on our help site. Get the details.

How do I set up Seamless Checkout?

We put together a video and wrote down all the steps over on our help site. You’ll be a pro in no time! Check it out.

Can I customize the checkout page? I’d like to translate it to my local language or add a phone number field.

Due to the sensitive data orders contain, like addresses and credit card details, the checkout page’s code cannot be customized. Sorry.

However, keep in mind that the colors, fonts and header image you’ve chosen in the Customize Design area will be used in your store’s Seamless Checkout.

Can I use PayPal’s shipping and tax with seamless checkout?

Sorry, but no. We’d really recommend switching over to our built-in shipping and tax settings. If that doesn’t work for you (it’s alright, we’re still friends), you’ll need to stay on PayPal Standard with their off-site checkout to keep using your current shipping or tax settings.

Why can’t customers pay with a credit card on PayPal Express?

Since the new PayPal Express option can be used alongside Stripe for credit card payments, we thought it would be redundant to also include a credit card option via PayPal. We like to keep things simple. If you enable Stripe and PayPal together in your checkout, then you should have all your bases covered.

What if I don’t want to (or can’t) use Stripe to process credit card payments?

Right now, that’s the only way to accept credit card payments through Seamless Checkout. If you don’t want to use Stripe, or it isn’t available in your country yet, you may need to stick with PayPal Standard for now.

Does Stripe have postage and shipping label features similar to what PayPal offers?

Sadly, no. Depending on your business needs, you may find suitable alternatives with services like ShipStation or Stamps.com. If PayPal’s postage and shipping label features are something you can’t live without, you’ll need to stay on PayPal Standard for now.

Does this change the process of getting paid?

Nope! Nothing changes on your end with PayPal, except maybe you’ve just upgraded to a Business account. Their fees remain the same, and you still get paid right away.

If you’re just using Stripe for the first time, you may have some questions about getting your money from Stripe orders. Get Stripe transfer info here.

What’s all this PayPal Business stuff about? Do I really need a Business account to use PayPal with Seamless Checkout? I’ve got a small operation over here, do I even qualify for a PayPal Business account?

You definitely need a Business account to use Seamless Checkout. Make sure you’re prepared to provide a valid email address, business address and phone number, and bank information, among some other identifying details, so PayPal knows who you are. It really is that easy, anyone can do it!

If you don’t have a Business account, you can easily change that. Upgrade now.

I can’t connect my PayPal account to Seamless Checkout.

Here’s what to check:

Where do customers add shipping info and discount codes?

That no longer happens in the shopping cart and is seamlessly (get it?) integrated into the checkout process. Instead of choosing a shipping country on the cart page, once your customers input their address at checkout, shipping will automatically be added. They’ll also have a field to plug in any discount code on the Seamless Checkout page, too.

Why are my customers still taken to PayPal’s site to complete their order? I thought it was a seamless process.

Seamless Checkout matches your store’s theme, updates your inventory in real time, is less error prone, offers a receipt page, and is overall more reliable. At some point their payment info still has to be collected by PayPal, so this is at the end of the checkout process, where they confirm the order on PayPal’s site.

My visitor stats dropped after switching to Seamless Checkout - what happened?

Seamless Checkout tracks your stats differently. It now uses Javascript, so search engine bots and crawlers aren’t tracked. Visitor stats may now be lower than before, and we know that drop can appear shocking. The good news is they’re now actually more accurate and inline with services like Google Analytics.

I can’t see the field labels on my checkout page!

If your theme is using a light colored font, those labels on the checkout page may be washed out or even invisible. The good news is we’ve fixed that - but you may be running an older version of your theme. To get that fix applied to your store, you just have to update your theme by choosing it again in the Customize Design section of your admin.

Keep in mind that this resets it to the defaults, so all customizations will be gone. If you’ve altered your code, you may want to download your theme’s code so you can manually add that back in again.