A Gift Guide as Weird as 2020

This gift guide is a little weirder than most. Instead of curating around a theme like we normally do, we asked everyone on our Marketing team to share a few of their favorite products and the result is an eclectic mix of items, almost as weird as 2020 (and almost as weird as us 🤪).

2020 Patch
2020 Patch by ffembroidery
Buy Now - €70.00

Miss Mona Said "Black Lives Matter" by Amber Akaunu
Miss Mona Said “Black Lives Matter” by Amber Akaunu
Buy Now - £10.00

Put the Planet on a Pedestal
Put the Planet on a Pedestal Poster by Lauren Martin
Buy Now - $18.00

2020 Twas a bit shit poster
2020: Twas a Bit Shit Poster by Lee Ellis
Buy Now - £30.00

Creature 825
Creature Number 825 by Knotwork LA
Buy Now - $36.00

Archway Night Light
The Magic Door Night Light, Iridescent Rainbow + Lavender Swirl by Chelbie Hunger
Buy Now - $45.00

Four Season T-shirt
Four Season T-shirt by Rude Tees
Buy Now - $20.00-$23.00

Gang's All Here Military Longsleeve
Gang’s All Here Military Longsleeve by Pyramid Country
Buy Now - $89.00

Throw 132
Throw No. 132 by Throw & Co.
Buy Now - $125.00

Cheers Coasters
Cheers! Coasters by Vivvian
Buy Now - CHF3.00-CHF12.00

Starlight Print
Starlight Print by Cosas Mínimas
Buy Now - $30.00

Face Mug
Face Mug by Marian Bull
Buy Now - $55.00

"Cerberus" Riso Print
“Cerberus” Riso Print by Kaley McKean
Buy Now - $12.00

Expand Print
Buy Now - £40.00

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