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Preview the New Dashboard

We’re so excited to share the latest (and what might be our very favorite) section of the new admin: the Dashboard.


The new Dashboard has been completely reimagined, giving you a simple way to see your shop’s activity at a glance. It’s the place many of you check the most frequently, so we wanted to make it worthy of your attention.

Order & visitor stats (for everyone!)

Orders & Visitors Graph

By popular demand, your new Dashboard is filled with order stats. And starting today, visitor stats are available on all plans, too! We’ve made it beautifully simple to visualize yours stats across different time periods, so you can see the natural ebb and flow of your business.

Conversion rates

Conversion Rates

Now that order and visitor stats are under one roof, we can show you a conversion rate to answer the all-important question: What percentage of people visiting your shop actually place an order? With that knowledge, you can adjust your marketing plan or improve your product listings to convert more browsers into customers.

Dashboard Trend

Hard numbers are great - 100 visitors yesterday, whoo! - but to really keep your finger on the pulse of your shop, you need to see trends. Getting more visitors this week than last? Sell more this month? How’s the conversion rate improved this year? The new Dashboard will tell you.

Product & category stats

Product Stats

We’ve taken all-time product stats to the next level by breaking down how many times each product’s been viewed, sold, and for how much. You can now sort by those different metrics, expand to see how the numbers look by product option, and see which categories sell best.

Dig deeper with Google Analytics

Advanced Stats

Savvy sellers will notice we no longer include search and referrer stats. Instead, we’re focusing on what we do best and going to let advanced stats platforms (like Google Analytics) do what they do best. Want to see who’s linking to you, what people search for, which browsers they’re on, and much more? Try our Google Analytics integration on for size.

Give it a try

Dashboard Preview

We think you’ll love the new Dashboard as an informative, fun, and encouraging place to watch your shop grow. Check it out by clicking Preview our new admin on the current Dashboard or by visiting my.bigcartel.com/preview/dashboard.