Coming soon: Sidecar, a new theme

Coming soon: Sidecar, a new theme

There’s a lot to love about our upcoming customization refresh, but one of our favorite bits is the new power and flexibility it gives our themes. Themes will be able to offer a variety of design and customization options, and to showcase some of these new abilities, we’re excited to introduce a new theme into our lineup - Sidecar.

UPDATE: Sidecar is here! Check out some great stores using our newest theme.

Sidecar is a fresh take on showcasing your products and interacting with your customers. In addition to the quick and easy customization you’ve come to expect of all Big Cartel themes, Sidecar also boasts some great new features:

  • Uploadable images for a logo and a background
  • Customizable product grid layout
  • Customizable image size for your products
  • Multiple font choices for different text areas
  • Handy layout and display options

Sidecar will be available (shortly) to all stores with the launch of our new design area, and it represents the first of many new themes we hope to offer in the coming months. We want your store to be as unique as the products it holds, and we think Sidecar is a great starting point to help you do just that.

Example products from the amazing
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