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SFS Contest submission: Shop Havoc

We’re getting really excited to share our winners, but we thought we’d drop one more from our stack of favorites. Shop Havoc’s submission for our SFS contest features geometric paintings, rorschach pillow patterns, a freakin’ horse with lightning eyes, and probably our new favorite jam. John (aka Havoc) and Laura Hendricks are the dynamic husband and wife duo behind Shop Havoc.

The song used in the video, "Good at Being Bad", was written by Havoc and has created a bit of a sensation over here at BC headquarters. Sorry, this song’s about to be stuck in your head all day.

See all of Shop Havoc’s creations at:

Google Music Timeline

Google’s interactive Music Timeline, based on data compiled from Google Play Music users, exhibits the ups and downs of various genres in popularity since 1950. Poke around a bit and beef up your contemporary music history knowledge. Also, find comfort in knowing you’re not the only one that grew up listening to Counting Crows and/or Korn.

SFS Contest submission: The Great PNW

Here’s yet another totally inspiring submission from the crew at The Great PNW. They’re all about spreading pride and appreciation for their most beloved region and do a mighty fine job showing us how they create, operate and get things done. Not only that, but they’ve certainly instilled a desire in us to trek to that green, rainy corner of the states asap!

View the full line of PNW-loving gear at:

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SFS Contest submission: Live From The Heart Apparel

With an ethos and name we can all get behind, Live From The Heart Apparel’s submission for our SFS contest is full of inspiring words and showcases their signature hats and tees. Living from the heart isn’t just a brand name for creator and designer, Matt Tyler, it’s a way of life. Proof in point, 10% of every item sold is donated to Iris Ministries and their efforts to end sex trafficking.

Check out their products and read more about the cause they support:

SFS Contest submission: ADAMJK

This next submission from Adam JK, a designer and maker of short-run paper goods from Brooklyn, NY is another favorite. Adam runs an “internet gift shop" out of his small apartment and uses that limited space to inspire his tiny creations. Making clever trinkets with very personal themes, Adam encourages shoppers to stop for a second and smile… then wonder if he’s just crazy.

Exit through Adam’s gift shop here:

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.
– Chuck Palahniuk

SFS Contest submission: Nonesuch Garden

Setting out on a mission to “rekindle the imagination and wonder within us all”, Megan Baehr, the creator behind Nonesuch Garden, submitted this behind-the-scenes video for our SFS Contest.

View all of her whimsical and adorable creations at:

The Maker’s Summit + Big Cartel

Join us Saturday, March 1st for the Maker’s Summit in Greenville, SC. We’ll be part of a panel discussion on the virtual marketplace, we’ll have a little spot in resource row, and be there to answer any questions and shake any and all hands. Oh yeah, we’ll have a bunch of goods from the Big Cartel shop to giveaway as well. Sold? Good, here’s the skinny:

What: The Maker’s Summit
Where: Greenville, SC » map
When: Saturday, March 1st

Welcome Lucie Bodie

We weren’t kidding when we said we’re shaking Support Fort up a bit. We’re welcoming another new addition, Lucie Bodie, to the team. Lucie has some serious coding chops and is ready to answer any and all questions you throw her way.

A Southern girl through and through, Lucie’s spent most of her years calling New Orleans home. She had a brief stint in Chicago, where she attended culinary school and worked her magic in a few restaurants around the city. Her passion shifted from cooking to wine and she spent years cultivating her knowledge before delving head-first into the world of freelance web design. What better way to blend those two world’s than designing sites for a few of her favorite Chefs (Falkner, Freitag). She’s still a foodie and wine enthusiast at heart, but now you can find her casually enjoying the two at home with her family in North Carolina.

Lucky for you (and us), she’s bringing her hard-working spirit and technical knowledge to our team and we know she’s going to be a great asset to our already stellar Support Fort. Welcome, Lucie!