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We just discovered Voices of Industry and are in awe of their story, inspirations and dedication to their craft. Creator and owner, Adele Stafford, is fiercely passionate about every aspect of the product creation, from meeting the farmers who grow the cotton, to maintaining the looms she uses to weave the fabric.

Read their full feature over at Cool Hunting »

The Art Show: Episode 5

Listen to episode 5 now »

Passionate music-lovers that we are, it was only a matter of time before we sat down with a musician for some real talk on our podcast. For Episode 5, we invited Jonathan Meiburg, frontman and co-founder of the band Shearwater, to chat with us and he happily obliged. From extremely candid thoughts on the current state of the music industry, to suggestions on the best ways to actually support musicians you love, Meiburg clears up some common misconceptions surrounding what it means to consume and support music, as well as exist as a musician, in these modern times.

Shop roundup

You don’t have to be a resident of New York City to appreciate the fine and quirky offerings from University of Brooklyn. Our current fave: Be Amaze-y Patch

The cheery and colorful cards offered by Ma and Grandy make us feel like throwing confetti in the air. Our current fave: Baby You Are A Work Of Art Card

The clean and thoughtful designs by This is Paper echo Big Cartel’s values: they make or find items that stand out from the mass-produced crowd. Our current fave: Beans Black Rucksack

We like the “cool girl” vibe epitomized by Falcon Wright's conversation-starting accessories. Our current fave: Yellow Leather Clutch with Desert Print

Need some inspiration in your home? Try Secret Holiday & Co. for something special to warm up your walls. Our current fave: "Be Brave" Banner

Updated Mobile Admin

The Big Cartel Mobile Admin keeps getting better. In addition to improving the navigation, we’ve added dashboard data, including numbers for Weekly and Daily Visitors.

To see the updated Mobile Admin in action, log in from any mobile device at Pro Tip: Save the link as a shortcut on your home screen for faster access.

Snakebite Styles

We just couldn’t help ourselves and went ahead and tried out a few more options with our new theme, Snakebite. In addition to the work that was put into making this theme perfect for mobile devices, the variety of fonts and little details like the View Badges can make a big difference in how your store looks.

"Branded" on Shed Labs

  • Background Color: #FFFFFF
  • Primary color: #222222
  • Highlight: #00ADEE
  • Accent : #EDEDED
  • Header font: “Open Sans”
  • Text font: “Open Sans”
  • View Badges: “checked”

"Pastel" on Jon Knox

  • Background Color: #FFFFFF
  • Primary color: #BB92D4
  • Highlight: #D3FFFE
  • Accent : #FFFCD3
  • Header font: “Copse”
  • Text font: “Overlock”
  • View Badges: “checked”

Matching the Snakebite theme colors to your logo or a product collection makes the shop look cohesive, but never boring. Check it out in your admin.

Print It Forward

Print It Forward is a new program developed to give future students an opportunity to cultivate their talents at the School of Advertising Art. Here’s how it works: each month, a t-shirt and corresponding letterpress print will be designed and released in limited runs with all proceeds going to the Daniel E. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund at the SAA.

Read the full details over at Graphic Design USA Magazine »

Snakebite Styles

To show off the versatility of our new theme, Snakebite, we worked with Fuzzco to dress some of our favorite shops in this unconventional new theme and came up with a list of styles that’ll give you a head start in working with Snakebite to refresh the look of your storefront.

"Minimal" on Herriott Grace

  • Background Color: #FFFFFF
  • Primary color: #333333
  • Highlight: #E9E9E9
  • Accent : #FFFFFF
  • Header font: “Playfair Display”
  • Text font: “Montserrat”
  • View Badges: “unchecked”

"Far-from-minimal" on Crowns Guam

  • Background Color: #FFFFFF
  • Primary color: #FF00A8
  • Highlight: #FFB128
  • Accent : #82CECA
  • Header font: “Vampiro One”
  • Text font: “Chewy”
  • View Badges: “checked”

Whether it’s simple sophistication, or the neon colors from your old Trapper Keeper, Snakebite is up for the challenge. Give it a test-drive in your admin now.

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New Theme: Snakebite

We’re extremely proud to announce another brand-new theme to add to our growing list. Introducing the first of many commissioned, creative, highly-customizable themes: Snakebite!

Snakebite is a colorful, extremely flexible, new theme brought to you by our good friends at Fuzzco. We approached Fuzzco with a blank canvas and asked for a theme that broke from our norm and gave shops a fresh, incredibly unique take on the typical Big Cartel theme. They came back with a theme full of personality (the intentionally-askew product grid makes an instant statement), packed with features, and ready for a shop looking to make a visual statement. And oh yeah, as if the design wasn’t exciting enough, they went and named it Snakebite, the coolest theme name we’ve heard in a while.

Here’s what Fuzzco had to say about working on Snakebite:

"We wanted to create a theme that works for a broad range of users without being too generic, a theme that allows users to express individual personality without looking undesigned or unthoughtful. Snakebite’s customization allows for an enormous amount of energy or subtle elegance. We believe strongly in freedom, flexibility, and giving power to individuals and Snakebite covers all of those bases."

Sounds great, gimme the details:

  • 100% mobile-ready. Extremely easy to navigate on tablets and smartphones
  • Slideshow galleries on product pages. (swipeable on mobile devices)
  • Social share buttons on all product pages (tweet, share and pin with ease)
  • Drop-down menus for artist categories, pages, and product types
  • Customizable, quickly-uploaded background and accent images

Check out the Fuzzco shop to see Snakebite in action, or hop in your admin and give it a spin yourself.

Matt Taylor’s print shop is officially open for business: