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The Art Show: Episode 4

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This heartwarming interview with the founders of Megabolt will snap you right into the true holiday spirit. In addition to their day jobs and regular lives, these guys give to their communities by bringing authentic art to kids who would otherwise be without it. They are real givers, and we hope they inspire you to give a little too.

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Navigating copyright

Oh, the woes of copyright law. It protects and it hinders, depending on what side of the law you’re standing, of course. We all could probably use more info about how to navigate copyright laws - so we’ve taken a stab at it with our latest Field Guide. If you’ve ever wondered if you should or shouldn’t, this guide might save you some heartache down the road. Read it now »

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One man collects our trash and turns it all into beautifully detailed and stunning artwork. Meet Robert Larson and his collected collages over on Design Milk »

Every artist was first an amateur.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

How to Sharpen Pencils

This video, poking fun at the - perhaps, not so serious - artisanal pencil sharpening community, gave us a little chuckle. Although it’s not entirely safe for all workplaces - so maybe keep those headphones on while you’re watching.

We love littleBits

The Synth Kit collaboration from littleBits and KORG makes it easy for anyone to make music. We want to buy a million of these and hand them out to everyone.

Pinhole selfies

Mao na Lata (Hand in the Can) is an ongoing series of workshops where Brazilian youth are taught how to build their own pinhole cameras - encouraging self expression through a mix photography, literature, and personal narrative. Read more »

We are loving the work of Fideli Sundqvist. Her book I Love Paper looks so amazing we just might start learning Swedish.

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.
– Friedrich Nietzsche